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Overview of updates from June 1, 2023
Service Updates

New Events in Company Tracking: on Complaints to the FAS and R-Form

Added new events. Improved the ability to filter companies by belonging to registries.

Overview of updates from June 1, 2023

New Events in Company Tracking: on Complaints to the FAS and R-Form

Three new improvements in Seldon.Basis.

Events according to complaints to the FAS

Keep track of which complaints are filed against your counterparty and which complaints the counterparty files:

Note that these events have been added to the list alert setting.

Events on new types of R-form statements

Stay up-to-date on R-form statements in Seldon.Basis: R34001, R34002, R38001, R18003, R18004.

Now you will know in time how the company is working on its reputation, for example, if an individual from the company has claimed the information included in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities is unreliable:

Filter companies by registry affiliation

It is now possible to exclude companies that are included in certain registries.

If the "Exclude selected" switch position is active, the system will show the companies that are not included in the marked registers. For example, excluding companies that have SRO membership will allow you to find companies that need to prepare documents for SRO membership and offer their services.

Also, thanks to this you can find, in particular, construction companies that can execute contracts at lower prices and work without an SRO permit:

New links on the "Public Sources" page

We have added new links to the page with sources for additional counterparty verification: checking powers of attorney and finding a person brought to subsidiary liability:

Do your due diligence and be aware of your partners and competitors.

Doing our best to be useful!
Seldon.Basis Team